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Thrust into Cybersecurity by Necessity

We didn't ask for this fight, but when it came to us, we didn't back down.

Starting in 2016, our clients came under heavy attack from Russian and Chinese hackers. We started by increasing CPU power and memory to compensate, but soon found our servers crashing.

Then we found a way to stop them permanently.


We Founded Hacker Blocker

As a web design and hosting company, we had a few clients over the years get attacked by hackers, and we always fended them off easily. But in 2016, Russia and China started hacking the United States in staggering numbers. We found our hosting server getting overwhelmed by these attacks, pulling our servers offline.

It was a stressful time, and there were days our founder wanted to give up; but he persevered, and created the first Firewall Updating System to keep up with cyber attacks.

Trial By Firewall, So To Speak

After a few weeks of blocking overseas networks and IP addresses, we started to notice a sharp increase in server speed and available bandwidth. We knew at that point that we had something with Hacker Blocker, and continued development.

Within the first year, we reach over a million blocked IPs, and thousands of recorded blocked attacks.


LAMP Stacks

Linux Dedicated Server Support is Created

In 2017, we had to find a way to syndicate our firewall from one Linux Server to another automatically as our client base grew. Development of programs that automatically update any remote server is created and tested successfully to service our first Dedicated Hosting customer. It works perfectly, synchronizing the CSF with our blocklist every 15 minutes.

We then developed a secure method of transmitting our Master Blocklist to any Linux Server every 15 minutes as updates are applied by our staff. Within months, we had hundreds of users being protected.

100 Million Blocks Reached

With attacks on subscribers dropping each month, our blocklist is growing steadily and finally hits 100 million blocks.


Number of IP Blocks Reaches 250 million

Cyberattacks spike in 2018 as more and more servers are compromised and added to growing bot-nets. Our blocklist hits 250 million IP addresses, consolidated into CIDRs. Some clients approach us about protecting their Windows Servers so we got started on a Windows firewall updating software that could syndicate our Master Blocklist to existing clients.

In late 2018, Hacker Blocker for Windows is born.


Office Space

Our Windows and Server Version is Ready

After 2 years of development, the licensed version of Hacker Blocker for Windows is ready and released. It performs better than expected, with clean code and a small footprint.

One of our first deployments is on Microsoft Azure, and increases page load times by 500%.


Government Contractor

Hacker Blocker Becomes a Government Contractor

After months of work Hacker Blocker became a GSA Contract holder in August 2022, opening the door to government sales. We are working with various branches of the federal government on protecting our most valuable assets.

As of 2023 we are blocking over 750 million IP addresses used for malicious activity.

PopUp Aholic

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