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Stop Hackers In Their Tracks

Automate your Cybersecurity with Managed FWaaS

Hacker Blocker is a software and service that updates your firewalls every hour, protecting you from millions of IP addresses used for cyber-attacks.

GSA Contract Holder
Windows Server Security
Windows PC
LAMP Stack

Crowdsourced Cybersecurity Solution

Stay ahead of cyber-attacks with FWaaS

Hacker Blocker downloads and installs thousands of Firewall Rules to your Windows Server or PC, instantly blocking millions of reported IPs from your servers.

Firewalls get updated every hour with new Rules as attacks are detected or reported.

If one client is attacked, every client is protected.

Windows Firewall Rules

We Are All Under Attack

Hackers use specialized tools and distribution networks known as “bot-nets”, which are networks of compromised web servers mainly in Russia, China, Southeast Asia and other hacker-friendly countries around the globe. These bot-nets are also known as “Zombie Armies” and are used to send spam or phishing emails, extort money, steal identities, infect other servers and workstations, or just bring down a website or network for their own agenda.

The Hacker Blocker System

Since 2016 we've collected, researched and blocked millions of IP addresses from recorded attacks on clients, abuse databases, and Government sources in our Firewalls. Our experts receive attack reports from all subscribers in real-time, research and add them to our Master Blocklist as they come in.

Hacker Blocker downloads these rules every hour and updates your native Windows Firewall Rules with new entries, keeping your firewalls up-to-date and synchronized.

cyber attack detection


Detection and identification of cyber-attacks on our clients email, websites and servers with third-party security systems.

Cybersecurity Research


Each reported IP Address is researched for abuse, traced to it's point of origin and the network it is from.



The IP Address or entire CIDR is added to our Master Blocklist and syndicated to every client within minutes.

The Master Blocklist

Our Master Blocklist is the culmination of years of work from thousands of sources around the world. Combining databases from abuse reporting websites, Government sources and cyber-attacks on our own clients, we've created one of the most comprehensive lists of IP addresses and CIDRs used by C2 Commanders, Bot-Nets, Spammers, Hackers and Malware / Ransomware servers.

Most blocked IPs are compromised web hosting servers, not people. We take great care in our IP blocks, and provide unblock request pages for all websites that have Hacker Blocker Hosting.

24/7 Detection and Blocking

Protecting Web Servers in Real-Time

Each of our clients have detection and reporting software for common attacks such as SQL Injections, WP-Admin Logins, DDoS attacks, Session attacks and much more. After 3 attacks, the IP is blocked on the local server.

People Behind The Keyboard

Dedicated Staff of Hacker Blocker

Every attack is reported to our staff in real-time, allowing them to react instantly. Attacking IPs are researched traced to the source. If the IP or CIDR meets the criteria, it is added to the Master Blocklist immediately.

Automated Distribution

For Windows and Linux Servers

Hacker Blocker downloads the Master Blocklist to the native Windows firewall Rules or updates Linux CSF via sFTP every hour. When one client is attacked, all clients are protected within minutes.

Abuse Database Sources

Crowdsourcing Cyber-Attack Reports

Sites like allow people to report cyber-attacks in detail, including type of attack and IP address. This is one of the many tools we use for research, and to find the most egregious attackers before they attack us.

Patterns in the Chaos

How Hackers Make Us Think It's Hopeless

With only 4.6 billion IP addresses in the world, hackers don't have unlimited resources to use, although it may seem hopeless during a DDoS attack. We've identified and blocked many of their networks, and adapt as they grow.

Government Partnerships

Working With Government Agencies

By working with government agencies, Hacker Blocker keeps up with the latest alerts and reported IP addresses of cyber threats before they attack our clients. RaaS & malware servers are researched and added routinely.

Performance Boost

Server Performance Boost, More Available Bandwidth

Public-facing servers suffer a barrage of attacks every minute of every day. Hacker Blocker stops many of these attacks instantly.

  • Faster Servers & Network
  • More Available Bandwidth
  • Drastic Reduction in Attacks
  • Increased Traffic to Websites

VPS Web Hosting

Hacker Blocker Hosting is the only Fully Managed FWaaS Web Hosting that blocks millions of known hackers, spammers and bots, detects attacks, and automatically blocks them from all of our clients in real-time.

Our ultra-fast hosting servers have 99.996% uptime, include unlimited bandwidth, email accounts and plenty of space to accommodate any sized website.

Dual Protection for Your Organization

Protect Windows Servers

Office Servers,
Virtual Machines

By installing Hacker Blocker FWaaS on your Windows Servers and Virtual Machine Servers, you get instant protection from millions of verified hacker IP Addresses worldwide.
Linux Firewall Updates

Websites, Email,
LAMP Stacks

Hacker Blocker for Linux updates your third party firewalls instantly, with automatic updates every 15 minutes to keep hackers, spammers and bad-bots off your websites.

Hosting Services
Background Security

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