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Meet The Team
Behind Hacker Blocker

The team at Hacker Blocker are experts in various Information Technology fields, combining computer hardware expertise, software development, advanced networking and website development skills.

Our people have helped thousands of companies achieve their Internet and technology goals for over 15 years.


Why We Created
Hacker Blocker


They Attacked Us

We didn't ask for this war, they brought it to us. We suffered ourselves at the hands of hackers, and found a way to fight back. We now share that technology with others.

Passion for Protecting

We hate bullies. Hackers do what they do to make money, but you have to be a certain kind of evil to take pleasure in your victim's losses. Every client we save from these criminals is one less victim.

Customer Commitment

Our customers are our family. We all contribute to the greater good of our community and form a network of detection that benefits us all.

Working as a Team

Web designers, cybersecurity specialists, sales and support staff, software developers, even our office personnel work as a well-oiled machine to service our customers.

Making a Positive Impact

Every hacker we block is saving that customer a slow website, spammy email, phishing scams or other threats to their security and bottom line.

Proud of Our Record
of Blocking Cyber-Criminals

Hacker Blocker Launched
IPs Blocked
Blocked Attacks

The Future of Hacker Blocker

As our customer base and detection and protection grow, we will develop new technologies and AI systems to improve the cybersecurity of our customers.

We Love What We Do

Spreading the Word About Hacker Blocker and the Real Solution it Offers

  • „As a government sales specialist, it is refreshing to pitch a product I truly believe in“

    Kristina Kuykendall
  • „It's a real pleasure talking to people about how Hacker Blocker can help them. There really is not other affordable cybersecurity solution out there.“

    Claire White
  • „As a software developer, I love creating programs that do unique tasks. Hacker Blocker is the first program to update the native Windows firewall Rules from a remote list. That's huge!“

    Sachin Mendez

We are always looking for smart,
enthusiastic people with fresh ideas
and a soft spot for technology!

Want to Speak to a Cybersecurity Specialist?

Call our offices or email us to schedule a call. (617) 819-5877

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